We offer bespoke training solutions for any need; whether this is to skill up your internal team or you need help with tooling or to ensure that you are getting the best possible return on investment from staff and the software that you have deployed.

We design courses for you so please contact us with your requirements alternatively contact us regarding the following courses: 

  • Course T2K17: What's new in SQL Server 2019? This is 1 day course drilling into the new features of SQL Server 2019 for the DBA and Developer.
  • Course TVIRT: Building a performant virtualized environment for SQL server A 2 day course on building SQL server on a VMWare architecture 
  • Course THADR: SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery A 1 day course on protecting your environment 
  • Course TDVOP: Become a Dev Ops DBA software is agile and so are databases. A 2 day course on Continuous delivery, Test Driven Development and Automation for the DBA