Database Administrator
Database Administration done well prevents issues from manifesting into downtime or degrading service. A break-fix approach to managing the database environment leads to long term pain. Why wait till it breaks? Our proactive & reactive event management services and monitoring allow us to identify issues before they become a problem. By iteratively reviewing metrics we continuously improve and prevent issues. The value of our service is not the number of tickets we process. It's the continuous improvement in uptime and performance.

The Database Administrator Service gives our customers peace-of-mind when it comes to operational uptime and availability of their database applications. Our Database Administrator support services offer remote monitoring and event management that can be customised to fit your specific requirements. 

Service benefits include:

- Monitoring and Alerting
- Troubleshooting, Mitigation and Root Cause Analysis
- Capacity planning
- Continuous improvement via performance reviews, tuning and optimisation
- Deployments in accordance with your change policies
- Patching in accordance with your change policies
- Support for Infrastructure changes